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Research, Planning, Evaluation: We used PDF documents to save our work sheets to the blog . It was particularly useful when sharing our documents through drive also as you can see a PDF regardless of if you have that software installed.

Post-production, Presentation & Feedback & evaluation: We used the snipping tool to take different screenshots at these stages of the production. This allowed us to present all of the tools we used so we could analyse the work we did and review how we were able to do this. We could also evaluate the skills we learnt and used to show our progress through the course.

Development & Feedback: We used the voice memos on iPhone to record our feedback and therefore develop our products further. We then put the feedback from our phones onto the computer to upload and analyse the feedback so we could improve our work.

Research, Production: Using the site YouTube allowed me to look at previous students work, get inspiration from professional music videos and look at the conventional features of my genre;'s music videos. We also put our video drafts on YouTube at every stage to collect our feedback. Videos were also put on YouTube so we could create an effect in the video where the band footage is on the screen which we did through YouTube.

Production & Evaluation: A tripod was used in the production phases when filming narrative and performance shoots to steady our shots so that our footage looked professional We also used it to collect recorded feedback.

Production & Evaluation: We used the VLC player as this was the way we saved our work to MP4 then uploaded these to YouTube. We used this for all of our drafts and uploaded a video so that we could include the video in our music video from YouTube on the TV.

Planning, production, post production and evaluation: We used Google drive at many stages of production for sharing documents with each other. It was especially helpful for sharing the documents that we all needed to work on such as the evaluation questions.

Research, Planning, Pre-production, Production, Post-production, Presentation Feedback & evaluation: I used my edublog at every stage of my course as this was used to evaluate and tell about all stages that lead to our final products through 5 different pages which were research, planning, production, evaluation and final products.

Post-Production & Evaluation: Premire Pro was used to do all of our editing for the music video. This software allowed us to use effects such as slow motion, transitions to show the flashbacks and use relevant filters to match the atmosphere. This all allowed us to create a professional looking music video. This was also used when filming the feedback as we were able to put the video in the corner to see what the audience were seeing whilst giving the feedback.

Research and Planning: We used the Pintrest website in addition to twitter to look at indie-rock artists and gain infomation about how to structure a star image as well as inspiration for our band. We also used pintrest to create a board about the artist who owned the song we chose to use as our final song choice.