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Blaadjes shirt - voor bloemenmeisje?

No-Sew Leaf Fairy Costume. this could also make a good tree costume. if you have a baby, dress him up as a bird.

They’re also in the same order the movies were released three years in a row. Hate jim carrey but the costumes and the johnny and Will ones are great

Best Group Costumes: each person dress as a different character an actor has played (all Johnny Depps, Jim Careys, Will Ferrells, etc) That's fun.

The Very Best Halloween Costumes on the Internet

The Very Best Halloween Costumes on the Internet

Top 10 Contest-Winning Halloween Couples Costumes

Top 10 Contest-Winning Halloween Couples Costumes

Homemade Costumes that Really Won Prizes in Local DIY Halloween Costume Contests! The Queen of Hearts should be Alice instead though. In back story Alice and the Hatter were in love. It is only ever actually stated in one version of the movie.

DIY All-Girl Group Costumes (great for those girls who prefer original and funny over provocative homemade costumes)

Awesome Halloween Group Costumes for All-Girls Groups

So cute! The first one, is funny because the guard on the right is not having a good time!

Halloween-Family-Fancy-Dress-Costumes, so cute! I will do a family themed costume as long as my daughter will tolerate it. And then 2 more years after that.

Homemade Wordplay Costume Ideas - Coolest Halloween Costume Contest

Unusual Halloween Costumes Based on Puns and Wordplays - Holy Cow, Eye Pod...

18 Easy DIY Halloween Accessory Hacks to Epically Complete Your Costume

DIY Halloween Costume Accessories Hacks, Cheap & Easy Ideas

This Wacky Costume WINS Halloween This Year

Make your own Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man costume and you'll win Halloween this year!

fox tail | diy

for the fox: Costume :: Fox Tail DIY Tutorial I wish I found this more than a day before Halloween :(

Fishie!!! Wake uuuup!! Fishiieeee!!! - Darla costume from Finding Nemo

"Turns Out My Awkward Phase Wasn't Just a Phase"