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And here we have an Australian drummer doing the dance of the white girl!

Having a bad day? Look at this gif of Ashton dancing:) Having a good day? Look at this gif of Ashton dancing :)

Michael Clifford dancing like Harry Styles.

This is Michael dancing like Harry. this is so accurate {gif} Awwwh.

#HappyFetusDay <3 5 Seconds Of Summer <3 5SOS

fetus 5 Seconds of Summer Luke Hemmings Michael Clifford Ashton Irwin Calum Hood

dayumm mikey, gr8 comeback

Hahahaha<<< i know its but i don't have a board for them yet. That goes along with every post on this board. Deal with it. xoxo>>>I have weird colored hair.


OMG look at looks leg muscles. I love that they're both wearing flip flops.

Don't they have Ketchup?

aww Mikey's face is so cute too<<< OMG yeah guys we should come up with ideas what they should name the puppy.<<<I think the puppy's name should be summer get it? 5 seconds of SUMMER

Haha repin while you still can!! #HairDieEffects <3 Michael Clifford <3 5 Seconds Of Summer 5SOS

Ok can I just say mikey has hair he isn't bald and we all no it. If wants to dye his hair he can i mean he's hot no matter what color his hair is!