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melting icebergs

End of the earth: Icebergs split and float along the water in Disko Bay, Greenland, in the far north


Fishermen steer their boat close to a giant iceberg in Disko Bay, Greenland Picture: Hans Strand / Barcroft Media

Glacier in Greenland

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North Pole

There is no land at all at the North Pole, only ice on top of sea. The Arctic Ocean has about 12 million sq km million sq mi) of floating ice and has the coldest winter temperature of degrees centigrade.

Beautiful Alaska

"Majesty" Moose Wildlife Watercolor, Paul Jackson - The purple mountains and late-in-the-day sky are reflected in a high mountain lake, a sight admired by a visiting moose. This striking Paul Jackson watercolor is one of

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Frozen Geyser, Iceland

Frozen fountain geyser in Zyuratkul National Park, Russia Photo credit: Vladimir V.