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Set of 12 Christmas Candle Highball Cocktail by PurpleIrisVintage
Set of 8 Season's Greetings DOF's by Houze by PurpleIrisVintage
Rare and Unused Blue Eagle Famous Oklahoma by PurpleIrisVintage, $109.00
Set of 8 Highball Glasses  very retro by PurpleIrisVintage on Etsy, $32.00
Hazel Atlas Foxhunt/Steeplechase Highball Set of 12 by PurpleIrisVintage on Etsy
Beautiful vintage Holiday highball glases  by PurpleIrisVintage, $32.00
Set of 4 Yellow and Gold MidCentury Modern by PurpleIrisVintage, $30.00
Fantastic Bullet/Torpedo Shaped Vintage by PurpleIrisVintage, $22.00
Set of 6 Fostoria Lead Crystal by PurpleIrisVintage on Etsy, $30.00
Vintage Christmas DOF Glasses Set of 8 by PurpleIrisVintage, $28.00
Set of 6 Vintage/Retro Peacock/Bird-of-Paradise Tumblers by PurpleIrisVintage on Etsy
Jeannette Green Hellenic Set of 8 Iced Tea by PurpleIrisVintage, $48.00
Lovely Glass Pedestal Cake Plate with Domed by PurpleIrisVintage, $39.00
Vintage Wood and Glass Fondue Lazy Susan with by PurpleIrisVintage, $39.00
Juliana Lingerie 1940's Blue Negligee by PurpleIrisVintage on Etsy
Rodo Alligator Embossed Leather Shoulder Bag Made in Italy