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Miss you mum xxx

Miss you mum xxx

*you're....but still a true message.

How I miss those daily calls and texts all the time.you were always there to make me feel better, always my best friend!


Love you and miss you mum

I miss you Mamma!!!

Sometimes you just don't get that second chance. My heart breaks that I never got that last chance to tell my mom she means so much and I love get so. I love you mom. I am grateful Jesus is with you now, but my heart hurts not having you here in my life.

Love you with all my heart my beautiful daughter, Allie!

If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever my dad sister and brother 3 of the Greatest people who I ever knew so Blessed to had them in my life. Life will never be the same without yous. I know yous are in Heaven

Never will. I Miss You Gus ❤❤❤

Never ever till I see you again my son ❤❤❤

I Miss You Wesley!

Not always so good at hiding the tears and pain. It's true, no one misses you more than I. I miss my mom! Life sucks without you :'( - I miss you so much, Amber!