Toro Sentado cartel de recompensa ~ jefe Lakota y el hombre santo, el más notable para su premonición de derrotar al ejército en la batalla de Little Big Horn.

Sitting Bull reward poster ~ Lakota chief and holy man, most notable for his premonition of defeating the army at the Battle of the Little Bighorn. funny he wasn't the bad guy.

Crazy Horse, Oglala Lakota Chief - 1877 - Unknown photographer - - Photo supposée de Crazy Horse, son attribution est controversée. - Crazy Horse in 1877 shortly before his death. Authenticity of the photo is disputed... (Photoshopped b&w version)

Possible Photo of; Crazy Horse Native American war leader of the Oglala Lakota Sioux. 1840 – September “If I ever pass away, the white men will take you under their custody as wards” Spoken to the Sioux Tribe


"Old Coyote, Crow Indian, an army scout born in 1855 (son of a Piegan, incidentally) who fought at the Rosebud and was Crow tribal historian Barney Old Coyote's grandfather." - Photo by Frank Jay Haynes, no date. - (B/W copy)

Little Big Man - Oglala - Lakota - 1877 - Unknown photographer. - Little Big Man or Charging Bear was an Oglala Lakota, a fearless and respected warrior who fought under, and was rivals with, Crazy Horse. He opposed the treaty and the commission that wanted to take the Black Hills from the Sioux. He fought at the Battle of Little Big Horn. He is suspected of involvement in Crazy Horse's murder at Fort Robinson in Nebraska. Later he cooperated with the white man. Wikipedia

Claimed to be a photograph of Oglala Lakota war leader Crazy Horse, although no photograph of him has ever been authenticated. This is probably Little Big Man, Oglala warrior and one of those involved in killing Crazy Horse.

Texas Indian regions

Did you know the name "Texas" comes from a Caddoan Indian word? It is a Spanish corruption of the Caddo word Taysha, which means "friend." Spanish explorers recorded it as Teyas or Tejas. Texas, of course, would be named something that means "friend".

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Cooperation...the wisdom of Sitting Bull.,

Sitting Bull (Tatanka lyotanka) historical leader of the Hunkpapa band of Lakota Sioux Indians. There won't be anything here for our children unless you wake up AMERICA! Muslims are taking over this country.

Portrait of a “mestiza de sangley” (Chinese-Filipino) woman. Photograph by Francisco Van Camp, ca. 1875.

Unknown young woman photographed in 1875 in the Philippines by Dutch photographer Francisco Van Camp. The photograph’s inscription describes her as Mestiza Sangley-Filipina, which means she was a mix of Chinese and Spanish.