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Illinois Fruit Trees

If you're a home gardener who is interested in fruit trees, make sure you pick a species that will do well in the Illinois climate.

Trench composting: no bins, no turning. Works well for row vegetables and annual flower beds.

Basic Trench Composting Cycle this works great! I did this at my old house where I had limited space to garden. I had a bumper crop every year.

Apple Chart - Tanners Orchard - Apples and Cider in Central Illinois

Our Orchard A trip to Tanners in September and October would not be complete without a ride through the orchard to pick your own. Enjoy a covered wagon ride .

Sam Van Aken grafted 40 kinds o fruit branches into a single tree when he heard that an orchard housing rare heirloom stone fruits was closing down. Photo by Sam Van Aken via Science Alert.

This tree produces 40 different types of fruit. Becky Crew Monday, 21 July 2014 Share on email Share on print Award-winning artist Sam Van Aken has grown a hybridised fruit tree that produces 40 different varieties of stone fruit each year.

how to prune small trees and shrubs

How to Prune Small Trees and Shrubs

Grow Free Fruit Trees (Grow peach trees from seed)

Growing Fruit Trees From Seeds - Organic Gardening

How to start and grow peach trees from seed (also nectarines and apricots) - have FREE producing fruit trees in years! I lost one of my peach trees, only have one left (with the BEST peaches in the world . I am SO doing this next year!

This fruit tree guild has aspects of hugelkultur, permaculture, and soil-building.

Fruit tree guild plans

Fruit tree guild (how to plant beneficial plants around fruit trees)- GREAT SITE! lots of great comments with additional reading

The members of the Fruit Tree Guild support the fruit tree in numerous ways: by luring beneficial insects for pollination, boosting soil tilth & fertility, reducing root competition, conserving water, balancing fungal population to counter disease, diversifying the yield of food, creating habitat, & several other functions. The result is a healthier tree & a varied ecology. Also, this biological support replaces human intervention, shifting the gardener’s workload onto the broad back of…

The members of the Fruit Tree Guild support the fruit tree in numerous ways

Complete organic blog with how to's. Wonderful blog!! Steve tending the tomato temple.

Starting a vegetable garden is exhilarating, but daunting at the same time. Save wasted time and effort. Learn the Top 10 Mistakes Beginning Gardeners Make.