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Beautiful, meditative rings handmade in Maine. Three “spinnable” circles around a hammered metal band—great for fidgeting or just to see how they catch the light.

Hammered Spinner Rings by Magpie Creative

Harry Potter "She's A Catch & He's A Keeper" Pillow Set - 2 Pillows

*****New bigger size!***** inch instead of the old inch! How could any Harry Potter fan pass this up? These pillows bear the iconic

Embedded image    Gota catch them all

DailySexVideos😍😈 on

Hot Cosplay What is your favorite Pokemon ?



Prop Replica Pokéman Pokéballs || O.O These are real. You can get these. $100-$150 Right now they only have these three, but there are other balls in the works; MasterBall, LuxuryBall etc.

Prop Replica Pokéman Pokéballs

If your pulse races and your heartbeat speeds up when you hear the words 'Gotta catch them all,' you'll need to satisfy your inner Pokéman master with the Prop

Well this is what Blake Shelton does. . .when he is not being married and singing. So FUNNY.

Blake Shelton -Funny men are most attractive!

Any cheer Position? I am in it in the car.

How cheerleaders ride in cars

Catch me, when I fall in love - In one drop of water are found all the secrets of all the oceans; in one aspect of You are found all the aspects of existence. ~Khalil Gibran♥

'Red Hearts In Macro Water Drop' Source: ImageShack®

Brikachu, I Choose You! by powerpig, via Flickr

70+ Epic Collections of Colorful Lego 2012

He can make anything out of LEGO bricks. 21 Whimsical LEGO Creations By Chris McVeigh.