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Butterfly wings are teaching scientists how to make better renewable fuels.

How butterflies are teaching scientists about better renewable fuels

Butterfly wings may rank among the most delicate structures in nature, but they have given researchers powerful inspiration for new technology that doubles production of hydrogen gas — a green fuel of the future — from water and sunlight.

Moss diversity

Moss diversity - There are seemingly at least four different moss species growing together here.

States can boost renewable energy capacity at bargain-basement prices, a new study finds.

This is how little it costs for states to go renewable

Renewable electricity standards are not expensive to implement, a new study finds.

A musical video slide show of notable women leaders. Freebie from www.readyteacher.com

This a musical slide show of inspiring women leaders. Women leaders included in this slide show are from different career backgrounds and cultures. Use the Play and Pause buttons at the bottom of the slide screen to control the slides show.

Yes! It is self indulgent.  Everyone needs one of these outside their office. #yourrealestatepartner #ego #butterfly #office #loveit

Yes! It is self indulgent. Everyone needs one of these outside their office. #yourrealestatepartner #ego #butterfly #office #loveit

The Three Biggest Mistakes Teachers Make with Struggling Students

“Don't wait for failure; look at Formative Assessement data, discuss tier 1 interventions, involve parents but don't wait for failure

Literary Devices all students should Know! Whether you teach 8th grade or 12th, use this handy two part system as an introduction, OR as a review! With teacher keys, plus great ideas for implementation to keep this product fresh for years to come. plot, setting, mood, point of view, and much more.

Introductory Literary Devices- Gr.7-12 Worksheet; Keys, Quiz, Plus Use Ideas

Movie title in mla essay citation Aug 2017 · How to Cite a Movie Using MLA Style. You might need to use Modern Language Association (MLA) style guidelines if you're writing a paper.