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Step 1: Pick a dialouge that shows the characters personality.- In "The Story of my Body" Cofer says, "I grew my hair long and hid behind it for the first few years of my adolescence. This is when I learned to be invisible(434)." This shows that her personality is that of quiet and unnoticeable.

17 & GONE inspiration: A disappearing girl; a hand on a shoulder. Photo "help me disappear" by Thymournia Photography. Kind of introvert

She was one who looked at the world and saw it for how it was long ago, and yearned for it to be one that way again... ~N

Who Is Your Fictional Soulmate? [for girls, only]

by Marriah Star, There are 10 levels of consciousness between identifying with (internalizing) your environment or choosing to transform from within by heart. At the first level of consciousness yo…

1860's CDV African American Slave Nanny Holding White Baby

1860's CDV African American Slave Nanny Holding White Baby

▶ MANY People Vanishing Into Thin Air! WHAT'S HAPPENING??? - YouTube ... (true missing persons by the 100's 1,000's mostly in national parks. Does this have anything to do with Gov experiments underground with alien/fallen angels, and feeding etc. Or with the Vatican  Elite child sacrifices? or Bigfoot? This is NOT the rapture.)

Vanishing Clusters Of People "Chilling New Patterns" Found In Mysterious Disappearances- Coast To Coast Interview With David Paulides

To Kill A Mockingbird: Top ten favorite movie and book for life. That's that.

To Kill A Mockingbird: Among my top five favorite books. And Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch.