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Have a positive evening! /Позитивного вам вечера, дорогие!

Happy rainbow with birds.amazing, it looks like the moon! Looks like a big smiley face to me.

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Exploring Universe: The Center of the Orion Nebula

white northern lights seen from Finland

culturenlifestyle: “ Rare White Curtain Auroras Seen Over Finland Behold stargazers, this is not an art installation. These are actually stunning white Northern Lights in Finland. The stunning Aurora Borealis resemble a white curtain, which seems to.

Inquietante...el bien, el mal, y la Tierra en medio...

awesome Huge Space Telescope Needed to Seek Life on Alien Planets & Space Art pic

Wow! Inside an Antarctic Iceberg!

Joan Myers, Iceberg, Antarctica, 2001 eons of mystery & history hidden in beautiful aqua layers of ice caverns

Cathedral to Massive Stars | Estimates made from distance, brightness and standard solar models had given one star in the open cluster #Pismis24 over 200 times the mass of our Sun, making it one of the most massive stars known. This star is the brightest object located just above the gas front in the featured image. Pismis 24-1 derives its brilliant luminosity not from a single star but from three at least. Component stars would still remain near 100 solar masses...

Pismis located at the core of small open star cluster Pismis can be seen in this image provided by NASA and ESA. The star cluster Pismis 24 lies in the core of the large emission nebula NGC 6357 that extends on the arm of the Sagittarius constellation.

speechless. --- god damn, the universe IS pretty, ne?

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Aurora Borealis

What color is green? "Green Vision" by Marc Adamus. Aurora borealis reflected on a frozen lakeshore in the Yukon Territory.

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We've always wanted to visit our Nordic neighbor Iceland. May the dream come true soon. What serene beauty she is. Road to Höfn, iceland.

Tasmania, Australia. Aurora Australis!                                                                                                                                                     More

What Color Is Your Aura?

See this Colorful aurora borealis sky night lights nature stars pretty colors amazing aurora borealis northern

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