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only species to actively interact with humans mirroring their head movement

Border Collie Training Secrets

The intelligence of border collie dogs is a double-edged sword that may work against you in training. Border collie training secrets help you avoid problems.

twins - what a coincidence, they match....lol.. Very Nice!                                                                                                                                                      More

Proof That Horses And Dogs Make The Best Of Friends!

God made dogs human's best friends; dogs learned to be quasi-gods (like humans) and pride itselves above other creatures, except monkeys which think they are humans. Got what the 'rat-race' was all about?

Mine tries to kill me with toys too!

22 Super-Duper Border Collies We’re Excited To Share

@Laura Enman  I think you need a Border Collie/Corgi mix!

Borgi (border collie & corgi) Pretty sure I need one! Its another breed that stays tiny like a puppy forever

I LOVE my doggies, but this may be the cutest face i've EVER seen

Smiling Border Collie helps you to smile too. Reminds me of our faithful farm dog keeping our cows safe until she died from a snake bite

Bordoodle (Border Collie   Poodle) | 17 Border Collie Mixes That Will Put You In…

17 Border Collie Mixes That Are Unbelievably Adorable