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(Doodle) 기분이 좋지 않아요 3

(Doodle) 기분이 좋지 않아요 by 퍼엉 on

That feeling when you broken down and only music could understand you.

Someone said your name in front of this girl who will tell her mom who will tell mine

The thing is I don't think you will. If my name was just said and your mum asks about it say you don't know

When you call me, I'm happy.

I love when the love of my life calls me and paints a smile upon my face !


퍼엉 on

Hon, you must be all tired running all the way here in this rain. Warm yourself up with this hot drink.

♥  BRRR, IT’S COLD!  ♥  by Puuung at www.facebook.com/puuung1  ♥

♥ BRRR, IT’S COLD! ♥ by Puuung at www.facebook.com/puuung1 ♥


I saw that his mouth was parted for a long time now and I curiously asked "What are you doing?" "Feed me" he pouted." he answered.

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When i see this i confuse the cup she has on her hands with a marry ring box.and that was so emarassing for the many mental trip i made on my mind.