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The Man Cave Home Theater

The Man Cave Home Theater

Yes, this is the full length model I have been looking for!  It has its own stall and the drain is on the floor for easy cleaning!!! I knew it had to be out there.

Cool ManCaves - I dont understand why this isnt a common solution to the toilet seat issue. Plus, they think theyre manly and special when they have their own bathroom. Throw the bone.

Maybe you just need a quiet place to gather your thoughts and reflect on life. Candles and a CD of relaxing sounds will help transport you.

It Was Just A Shabby Little Shed Out Back, Until Wife Transforms It Into Her Private Escape

Now this would be great for a "girl's night"! she shed man cave tiny house

Staple old shirts to a canvas! Would be neat for a game room... Because who has time to make a tshirt quilt?

Staple old shirts to a canvas! Would be neat for a game room or a man cave/guy's room! Because who has time to make a tshirt quilt? And what manly guy wants a t-shirt quilt?

Gotta say, I'm a Star Wars girl, not a Trekkie, but this is incredible!! Think I could create a Falcon version?!

ST:TNG theater, Doctor Who, Star Wars and more! 15 coolest geek-themed home theaters

Hidden gun safe?

hide guns here

Old recliner with sports throw (the throw was a Christmas present)

The New and Improved Man Cave

dont cry over spilled milk

spilt milk, at least its not beer.


Looks like the inside of my dads garage!

Lighting - Lava lamp (Christmas present) and wall sconces from IKEA

The New and Improved Man Cave

Shell Stool Bronze By Jake Phipps.

Shell Stool by designer Jake Phipps. "The shell stool mirrors the look of a spent.

Ventless fireplace with brick facade and futon

The New and Improved Man Cave

Sorry I Forgot about the Wife !!!!!

My 2014 budget has been planned out.

All things Jack Daniel's

Shitz N' Giggles. Jack and Coke, yum

Secret Passage way: this one looks fairly elaborate with the floor opened by hydraulics

My dream house would also have a panic room. Hmm, not a good name for a room in the house though. Should be called the zombie apocalypse room.

hidden-gun-storage-hidden-gun-safe-hidden-gun-cabinet -hidden-gun-safe-hidden-gun-safes-hidden-gun-safe-furniture-in-wall-gun-safe-hidden-hidden-gun-picture-frame

How To Hide A Gun With A Picture Frame

How to make a homemade gun cabinet using a picture frame. How to safely store your guns and hidden gun storage solutions.