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How to spot an emotional manipulator. They twist your words, they say something but mean another, they guilt trip you, they're passive aggressive, it's always about them.


THE EMOTIONAL GUIDANCE SCALE. Upward spiral lifts your soul, whereas downward spiral drains your energy. Be smart in selecting the best emotion to live life with love, peace, gratitude and happiness.

So incredibly frustrating..i simply can not stand people who do this. i walk away. forever. maternal narcissism. no contact.

Diversion is always the narcissists tactic of dealing with perceived criticism. Narcs will deny manipulating you, deny disrespecting boundaries, EVERYTHING they say and do gets denied.

Those that bellow the most about their judgements of others are usually found to be the guilty one. Lol so true.

this is Literally insult to injury. abuse is abuse, period. I hate that our poor babies are having to deal with this

Anyone else's life full of fucking narcissists? Ugh.

One of life's toughest lessons.

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