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Carl vs Daryl

The Walking Dead is back! To celebrate, Slapwank has a Walking Dead Funny Meme Collection. Take a look, and check our other funny meme collection!

Actually he was a familiar. Pretending to be a vampire slayer helping blade. But he was on the vamps side the whole time.

Funny pictures about Experienced in all fields. Oh, and cool pics about Experienced in all fields. Also, Experienced in all fields.

TWD .... that awkward moment S5

Seriously though. Where's Beth? The world may never know! HURRY up OCTOBER!<<Well we know now, she died, excuse me while I go to my corner and cry

Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus). When the zombies rise he will keep you alive while being easy on the eyes.

Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) I want him on my team when the zombies come. He is awesome in The Boondocks Saints movies :)


Hershel Greene ~ The Walking Dead Can't wait for the new episode tonight but I'm super sad that Hershel won't be on it! :-( Last season was a heart wrencher! And I can't believe the g chopped Hershel's head off soo soo sad


The Walking Dead - HAHAHAHAHA the look on his face. "You went full Shane.You never go full Shane.

If Carol had a baby with Shane and hired the Governor as the nanny...you would get Lizzie

Carol + Shane + The Governor = LIZZIE. Personally I think if it were Andrea having a baby with Shane & the Governor was the nanny, this would be more accurate. Carol isn't a crazy.