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12 Nutritious & Healthy Savoury Breakfast Bowls (gluten-free, real food, and paleo recipes). Round up via

Cheddar cheese bites, a delicious savoury snack that is so easy to make from scratch. Flaky, cheesy, gorgeously golden.

Delicious Soft cheese and vegetables tart

Savoury tarts are perfect for a light lunch. They are easier to make than it looks. We made this one for dinner, but saved the rest for the lunch next day, because it is equally good the next day. We mixed some of our favourite veggies in this savoury tart, it is so easy to put together. Be playful and use the ingredients that are in the season. Soft cheese and yogurt add an extra kick, a creamy, soft texture.

This Smoked Sausage & Beer Cheese Soup is PURE southern comfort in a bowl! Bonus: It is ready in under 30 minutes so perfect for a quick weeknight meal on a cold night!

Loaded Mashed Potato Cakes

These Loaded Mashed Potato Cakes make an amazing side dish or light dinner or lunch! These are the perfect way to enjoy leftover potatoes and the flavor combinations are endless!

Game Changing Savoury Oatmeal

This savoury oatmeal is an impressive meals that is actually super simple to make. A filling, nourishing, and utterly delicious way to start the day.

11 Savory Pies You Can Make in an Hour or Less

Raise your hand if you love pie. Us, too. So why shouldn’t you eat it for dinner? Here are 11 savory pies, tarts and galettes that come together in under an hour. Bon appétit.

Spicy Black Bean Dip

Black Bean Dip is perfect for parties for dipping, spread on toast, or used in a wrap! Super easy to make - only 5 minutes!