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I don't even nkow where to pin this

Funny pictures about Bohemian Rhapsody is not good? Oh, and cool pics about Bohemian Rhapsody is not good? Also, Bohemian Rhapsody is not good?

Every time someone asks me for school help. From middle school and still today in university

When You Go To Page Two On Google

The last resort // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

That is hilarious. I would totally accept a cookie from Ryan Gosling.

Ryan Gosling, the cookie Santa…

Ryan Gosling, the creepy cookie Santa. But a gorgeous creepy cookie Santa :)

love this!! maybe I should get a tumblr account because of things like this!

Nothing, just chilling

Can we just accolade that I think the second guy is the guy who found his old red jacket and it still fit. Do know which post I'm talking about?

I am crying. Hahahahahah @jessica bannister! Mom with the stuffing box!

Funny pictures about How to give your mom a heart attack. Oh, and cool pics about How to give your mom a heart attack. Also, How to give your mom a heart attack.

Hahahaha! This is so funny I don't even know what to say.

Potassium! Potassium

<<< Always bring a banana to a party. or the bananas will bring the party to you.<<<< sorry, this had to go on my Doctor Who board.

LOL SO AMAZING!!! That moment when your internet friends are better than your real friends <3

PART 57 (guess who's gonna cosplay to class tomorrow)

I got you Ryan Gosling--yeah that shit don't happen to me when I'm sad. I'd be happy with a cat and cake.

*insert witty title*

*insert witty title

Considering how he spelt 'a lot' as one word, I'd definitely rather contract the Black Plague. Lesbians, bisexuals, asexuals, people who aren't interested in relationships.

Ta da!

Reto-inspired Vicodin poster from House MD. Back when Vicodin was over the counter. Way before my time but still funny!

YES. Instead of I walked to school 10 miles in the snow we will have stories about defeating the zombies.  Wait until I have grandkids.

We should all do this…

Let's make it happen. Imagine the awestruck faces when your kids realize that omg YOU were a survivor of the apocalypse and you kill zombies and battled aliens. You'd be their biggest hero! Lols, lets do this!

Grading Time, part 2

Grading Time, part 2

How teachers really grade papers. <<I can say this is pretty accurate, I'm a TA and have witnessed teacher meetings where they grade papers

Same #funny #lol #humor

My mom always asks me when I'll be home. So I changed "home" in her phones shortcuts to the Nazi Oath to Hitler.