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"Parasites Are Wiping Out Entire Honeybee Colonies. Threat Magnitude Much Higher Then Before Expected"

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Photos of Insects in Flight Captured with a Custom Laser Beam Camera Rig

Photos of Insects in Flight Captured with a Custom Laser Beam Camera Rig

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Native bee covered with pollen

Honey Hive Farms of AZ & MO offers local, raw honey, also offers bee packages, queens, nucs and hives.

Honey Bee    Penn State’s work to unravel the mysteries of honey bee decline and Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) won recognition and a $100,000 gift from the E. B. O’Keeffe Foundation, a supporter of arts and science research based in Palm Beach, Florida.    Source: Helping Honey Bees, Penn State Ag Science Magazine, College of Agricultural Sciences, The Pennsylvania State University

Helping Honey Bees, Penn State Ag Science Magazine, College of Agricultural Sciences, The Pennsylvania State University

Save Honey Bee’s

The Truth About Bees - here's another good article highlighting the difference between the well known honey bee and the lesser known solitary pollen bee. Armstrong & Blackbury Pollen Bee Nests are built specifically to support Solitary Pollen Bees.


The genus Apis is Latin for "bee" & mellifera comes from Latin melli- "honey" & ferre "to bear" — hence the scientific name means "honey-bearing bee". ❤❤❤ I love honeybees!