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& besides moral value, I do this out of pure necessity for my life. I don't have time (or the desire) to keep up with lies or crosscheck people for them, so please... always ALWAYS tell me the truth :) no matter what. ever.

just some pics :) #2

Life is what you make of it ... But once you've got it what you do with it is completely in your hands. You might not know yet but one day you will

Lecrae quotes. (something to think about, but our Holy God requires truth in your inner parts; you can't fake it and get by with it)

People change for two main reasons their #minds have open or their hearts have been broken.

Exactly. We all sin.. Judging someone for their wrong doings is a double standard and so hypocritical. Besides, it's not our position to judge anyone. That's Gods job. Love this quote.