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can brighten up any space with its colors, sparkle and very ethereal beauty. It can bring the garden into the house or bring rainbow into the garden - Enchanting Garden Light Moyen 15 inches (Product

Loving the simplicity of this chandelier project! This looks like it is straight out of Anthropologie or Urban Outfitters!

A woman carefully arranges 3 embroidery hoops on her table. A few steps later? I am so doing this in my bedroom!

tomche:  mymodernmet:  Russian art and design studio Brain Mash crafted a series of three-dimensional paintings that seem to pop from the walls. Viewers are invited to interact with the colorful, realistically-rendered works as a part of this mobile exhibition.  This is super cool!

Exhibition is a fantastic series of three-dimensional optical illusion paintings by a group of talented artists at Brain Mash art and design studio in Novosibirsk, Russia. They use cute dogs, li…

Senior Picture Ideas for Girls | #seniorpictureideasforgirls

Featured: The Travel Session This was an amazing senior photo session set in the fabulous city of San Franciso. Kennedy had a very specific area of the city

Urban jungle interior | Déco esprit jungle urbaine

Urban jungle interior | Déco esprit jungle urbaine

Tacon-Barfield Mansion in Mobile, Alabama, built in 1901.

The Tacon-Barfield Mansion in Mobile, Alabama. Also known as the Tissington House. Completed in View of the front (south) and west elevations. Perfect dream home

would be cool to do with a nice stick  and twine ! #DIY #decor #bedroom

There's no chance you'll feel homesick in your dorm room when you're surrounded by these cozy, happy, completely personalized projects

What Designers Can Learn From Graffiti Design [With 50 Examples for Inspiration] – Design School #design

What Designers Can Learn From Graffiti Design [With 50 Examples for Inspiration