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If you are thinking of getting body art, then the rib cage tattoo can be a good option. Once you have decided to get a tattoo rib cage, it i.

Omg my two favorite flowers!!! This may be my next tattoo

Great organic flow, good shape for the three peroneus muscles located on the lateral side of the lower leg, but replace flowers with my families birth flowers.

Delicate botanical piece on rib cage by OK

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This is an interesting photo to me. I have a scar on the same side of my rib cage, just below the shoulder blade. I had major lung surgery as a teenager and this tattoo sums up the experience perfectly.

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I was born 3 months early at and I had heart surgery and it left this scar wrapping around my left side. So under it I had “It has been a beautiful fight - still is” tattooed under it

This spot but I would just have the word "blessed" to remind me every day how blessed I am to be on this wonderful earth and have such an incredible life. I want this tattoo to always remind me to help others in need because I really am so fortunate.

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Phrase tattoo idea on the side rib cage for woman "infinite light, infinite life, infinite wisdom"

Rib cage tattoo ideas.

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