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I know this is unrelated to this board but I need to spread the word. Tomorrow (September is pro life chalk day. If you want to participate just get some chalk, go to a public place and write pro life messages on the sidewalk. This could save a life.

and this is why bodily autonomy does not give you abortion rights. Because death is death and if it is caused by someone other themselves it is murder. Period. And babies, by the way, are now surviving out of the womb at just 20 weeks.


I am pro choice. I am ALSO against letting children, minimum wage earners, our veterans, the disabled, and the elderly starve to death. I am against letting anyone die from lack of medical treatment. Your choice is yours, not the government's.

This photo was a real jaw dropper for me, I cant even believe that children under the age of 18 do not need to get a parent consent for an abortion. Girls at 18, think they know everything and in reality know very little. This is not a decision a scared young girl should make on her own.

Killers in world history: Holocaust: 11 million; Genghis Khan: 40 million; U. S. abortions since 1973: 61 million, and counting. End abortion #ProLife

I feel terrible for the reality that some women will have to live with for the rest of their lives because they chose to kill an innocent life growing within them..