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Mason jar swag lamp made with sugar shakers from dollar tree

Mason jar swag lamp made with sugar shakers from dollar tree

Beautiful! I didn't have to use much Mod Podge and now have beautiful turquoise jars in my home. Next time, I might use less coloring for more of a hint and less of a bold color. But they're gorgeous!

DIY tinted mini mason jars - using Mod Podge in Gloss. Mix mod podge with food coloring/water mixture first, then pour into jars.


Have you always wondered what the different finishes of Mod Podge looked like? Click picture to find out. {Mod Podge is the BEST creation for art/crafting EVER!

How to make your own Alcohol Inks, Shimmer Mists, Mod Podge and more #DIY-Crafts

I buy it by the gallon and make up the Mod Podge recipe as I need it in a mason jar. Just add half water, half Elmer's glue, replace the lid, shake it up and you’re ready to go. rate of dilution is Glue, water.

How to stain your own mason jars using food coloring and mod podge!! by six sisters stuff

Stained Mason Jar Tutorial (by Six Sisters’ Stuff) Mix 2 tbsp with 4 tbsp mod podge. Add in food coloring. Pour into jar.

Full of Great Ideas: How to cut contact paper (to look like vinyl) with your Cricut (or other cutter)

Full of Great Ideas: How to cut dollar store contact paper (to look like vinyl) with your Cricut

The last time I bought Cricut mats at JoAnn's, the cashier told me that she washes & reuses her mats to get more uses out of them. I bought the scrubber she suggested (pictured) at the dollar store (it canNOT have metal scratchies in it)...then I used water & a drop of dish-soap, scrubbed quite vigorously, wiped off the excess water & waited for them to air dry.  THEY ARE LIKE BRAND NEW NOW!!!!  I can't believe it!! This was too good a tip not to share with all of you!!! Pass it along!

Wash and reuse your CRICUT mats. Buy a cheap plastic scrubber from the dollar store.no metal in it.then use water and a drop of dish soap and scrub vigorously. Wipe off excess water and allow them to air dry and they should be like brand new!

plastic placemats decorated with vinyl and transfer paper ... dollar store plastic cutting mats, a piece of vinyl - or peel and stick rolls at dollar store .. cut out pattern of choice ... directions on blog - great for using on picnic tables at camp spots without feeling like you're eating dirt  madiganmade.com

dollar store plastic cutting mats, decorated with vinyl and personalized- want to make 1 place mat for each of my lil's