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Turn Your Acrylics Into Fabric Paint

turn acrylic paint into fabric paint... just remembered I have screen printing ink... i can just use that

Calendula Flower soap recipe - the petals of this flower give natural and lasting color and are also great for your skin!

What Do Lily Seeds Look Like?........ place the seed in a plastic resealable bag. remove air. put bag in fridge until ready to plant.

Super Easy Gold Slime Recipe

3 ingredients are all it takes to make this beautiful gold slime!

Sunny Side Bubble Bar: If you've had a day full of disappointment, pop one of these sparkly bubble bars into your bath. As you crumble it under the running water, you'll start to feel better. You just can't help but smile when you see the shimmery golden waters it creates.

Anchor Chocolate Mold

Our anchor chocolate mold is perfect for making chocolate favors for beach weddings, nautical parties or summer entertaining! Add a touch of gold to your chocolates by adding some of our TruColor Gold

Homemade Sugar and Honey Wax

homemade sugar and honey wax - "I like this wax recipe. I haven't tried it with honey but I can see how it might make it better. The results were really good. Be sure to apply corn starch or baby powder to the skin so that it just pulls the hairs, not the skin. The mixture is done at 250F or when it turns into a firm ball when dropped into ice-water. Cool before using to avoid burns." @allthecooks #recipe

DIY Make-up Brush Cleaner

GO DO THIS RIGHT NOW! You will be amazed at how clean and soft and nice-smelling your brushes will be. Make-up brush diy cleaner: 1 cup warm water + 1 TBSP vinegar + 1 TBSP dish soap. Swirl swirl swirl. Rinse. Reshape and dry overnight! Cherished that, The actual Away from Bounds the following is beautiful.