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Do you walk it? Do you bathe it? Do you have to walk it? What are my responsibilities as owner of Boyfriend?

1)KidRock2)12 3)tallenough2C 4)169;) 5)jealous 6)handfuls 3)no 4)ponyboy 9)or just stop by 10)yas 11)ya 12)Y 13)? 14)N? 15)Y 16)420 17)meow 18)@4 19)I hope so 20)Y 21)M.T. 22)Y 23)meow 24)fastest 25)100hrs 26)Y 27)b-ball 28)Y 29)fix 30)2 31)+ 32)n/a 33)2 34)4 35)TankGirl 36)Alt/Grunge/Western 37)Drive to a different place, have a cheat meal with a good band, then home for a nightcap and a cuddle. 38)Because I say so. 39)Awkwardness, waiting semi patiently, loving you. 40)to feel safe and…

The Official Boyfriend Application. My dad and uncle had a parent version for permission to date my daughter for my cousin and I's boyfriends. Haha I remember this!

If your significant other is mad at you put a cape on them and say now you're super mad!  If they laugh marry them.

I am going to put the cape on me next time i get mad . and when he asks, I will tell him I am Super Mad. Sounds like a great way to laugh and make up. If it doesn't work, I will stick my tongue out at him.


I fully embrace my bad handwriting! I seriously have such bad handwriting. Sometimes I think too fast and my hand can't keep up so I skip words :/ ~ Embrace your crappy writing ladies !

I'm a guy and a girl held open a door for me. To mess with here I walked by and said "I have a boyfriend." She paused then said "so that's what that feels like..."

Someone from Jacksonville, North Carolina, US posted a whisper, which reads "I'm a guy and a girl held open a door for me. To mess with here I walked by and said "I have a boyfriend." She paused then said "so that's what that feels like.

tumblr posts

Funny pictures about Baptism of stupid. Oh, and cool pics about Baptism of stupid. Also, Baptism of stupid.

Seriously you think im quiet? GET YOUR EAR'S CHECKED!!!! im one of the loudest people you'll meet!!!

People in school are like, "why are you so quiet?", and I'm just like, "we're not friends". I don't usually laugh out loud.but his is accurate.

#mygirlfriendnotallowedto Hilarious! http://ibeebz.com I don't know whether to laugh or be offended

girlfriend is not allowed to. My Favorite One Is the milkshake bring boys to the yard

Me!!!! (Fast Metabolism Meme)

That moment when you spell a word so wrong that even auto correct is like, "I've got nothing man" story of my life

Yup... that about sums it up. lol   - Workout quote

Someone from Massachusetts posted a whisper, which reads "That awkward moment when you ran up the stairs and now you’re trying to hide your heavy breathing like it’s no big deal but you’re actually pretty winded and dear god you need to work out.


my daughter sent me this.The perfect answer to: "If all your friends jumped off a cliff, would you?" (I hated it when my mom asked me that!

coral lives a stressful life

Funny pictures about Stressed corals. Oh, and cool pics about Stressed corals. Also, Stressed corals.


fat-little-virgin: “ wickedlywenchy: “ “ Alternative phrases to “calm your tits” ” Hakuna your tatas……love that one! ” Don’t have a rack attack lol ”