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How Phonological Awareness and Phonics Help Your Child Become a Reader

Teach Your Child to Read by Promoting Phonological Awareness

What is phonological awareness and how is it connected to reading, writing, and spelling? A teacher explains how parents can build their children's phonological awareness, turning them into readers.

These girls are pretending to be the Zoo-phonics animal called "Lizzie Lizard." They're sticking out their tongues to catch a fly while making the sound for the letter "l."

A teacher explains why Zoo-phonics is the ideal program to teach your child how to read. It combines movement, music, and games that promote phonological awareness, the foundation for reading.

Superhero Stay-at-Home Mom: Teaching Your Child to Read With Zoo-phonics:The I...

Superhero Stay-at-Home Mom: Teaching Your Child to Read With Zoo-phonics:The I.

20+ activities for kids just beginning to learn their letters

20+ Activities to Start Learning Letters

The very beginning stage of learning to read starts with learning letters. Activities to Start Learning Letters. via hands on a wee grow?

Why play is important for children

The Need for Play

Play is so vital to growth, happiness, and learning! This colorful visual celebrates 34 reasons why play matters Post and Share!


Learning To Read Activities and Crafts for Kids. Make learning and reading fun for little ones with interactive games, activities, and crafts.

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Spelling Fun way to practice making words! Explore spelling with playdough. Partner students and have one read the word to the other. The student listening has to stamp the word into the playdough using single letter stamps.

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