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LOVE but with combat boots instead of heels

Linda R - Dressman Shirt, Bull Necklaze, Gas Station In Jokkmokk Hat, Serious Sally Leather Pants, Jeffrey Campbell Boots - Charlie boy don't go to war

TheBeautyDepartment.com Winged Shadow Wipe Trick


The Winged Shadow/Liner Makeup Wipe Trick! I like this trick, but in the final pick, the angle isn't right for model's eye shape

I AM AQUARIUS AND IT COULD NOT BE MORE ACCURATE. I don't have it though bc my mom won't let me.

rad astrology on

Zodiac Vibes : Photo u know guys i'm a virgo-libra cusp-ian still i luv only pin interest!

April and May: April and May hearts


cat wallpaper by Teaspoon Studio, via Satsuki Shibuya. My crazy cat lady days are drawing ever closer!

DIY Pantyhose Tattoo - Has anyone tried this? Looks like an interesting idea!!!

Maddie always ask your parents before you do any of these crafts and things I send you. I don't want them upset with me. This is just a fun thing to try.How To Make a Pantyhose Tattoo