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Popular Halloween bathroom decor to create a festive and spooky bathroom in the fall. Choose spooky or beautiful, it's fun!

Papier-Mache Pumpkins | Step-by-Step | DIY Craft How To’s and Instructions| Martha Stewart

Papier-Mache Pumpkins

Paper Mache pumpkins made with balloons, water down craft glue and orange tissue paper! Pop the balloon when dry and cut out the eyes, nose and mouth! "handmade Holiday Crafts Book" I am doing this like right now!

Oh man i totally want to do this.  Would people think i was a bad mom for dressing isaiah and nolan up as something called dumb and dumber??  Twins Halloween Costume

Little Dumb & Dumber

I hope I have twin boys for these Dumb & Dumber Costumes! This is the most awesome thing I've ever seen.

kid halloween costumes, dumpaday (26)

Ewok Halloween Costume :) Dear future children, I'm sorry, but when you grow up, you'll know how awesome this is.

Hello fellow Spooktacular September fans! Isn’t this event amazing? I love the eighteen25 girls (in an unhealthy way, seriously) and am so happy to be participating in this Halloween goodness for my third time! Hooray for all things Halloween! Today I am sharing a little Halloween craft I call “Ghosts In A Jar.” Title=self explanatory. …

Ghosts In A Jar Halloween Craft

EASY TUTORIAL - Halloween Craft: Ghosts In A Jar - Aren’t they so cute? It’s like you caught a ghost and am keeping it in jar like you might a bug.

Rainbow Brite & Twink

I loved Rainbow Brite when i was growing up! Who has a baby i can borrow on Halloween?Rainbow Brite and Twink costumes by pink suede shoe!

Halloween Smores – Ghost Smores

Halloween Smores – Ghost Smores

Homemade Halloween Decoration

Turn an old branch into a spooky Halloween tree centerpiece. Bushman, you have a dying tree we can get branches from, right?

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Wicked Witch Hat n' Boots Stand Centerpiece-"Halloween Hat n' Boots Collection" petalsnplumes halloween wreath fall thanksgiving wreaths and dec