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I'm finally happy. Are you sure?

Funny pictures about Just When You Thought You Were Finally Happy. Oh, and cool pics about Just When You Thought You Were Finally Happy. Also, Just When You Thought You Were Finally Happy photos.

Accurate   more giggles at

Haha, maybe that's why I'm so good at getting work done late at night? Made me giggle! Not sure what the potato potato Ching Chong tomato is about but it made me giggle!

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"Did you do it?" He asked. "I didn't do it" She responded. "Then why are you laughing, Grif?" "Cause, whoever did it is a freaking genius.

Charley Davidson

funny quote have you ever listened to someone for a while and wondered who ties your shoelaces for you

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I do not know why this is funny. Is my brain planning something before I do it myself.<--- No it's funny because Black Widow would use this. She speaks fluent Russian and Hawkeye is actually deaf so it works

Ate salad for dinner!  Mostly croutons & tomatoes.  Really just one big, round crouton covered with tomato sauce.  And cheese.  Fine.  It was pizza.  I ate a pizza.

I ate a salad for dinner! It was mostly croutons & tomatoes really just one big round crouton with tomato sauce and cheese. Fine it was pizza. I ate a pizza!

37 Of The Funniest Quotes You Will See All Day

37 Of The Funniest Quotes You Will See All Day

Light travels faster than sound.

True, light travels faster than sound. --> this is why some people appear bright until they speak.

ran away in my mind

quote I don't really have any motivation to do anything anymore. I don't feel like wasting my energy on all the pointless day to day bullshit of life. So if you don't hear from me, I away in my mind. Don't try to find me

Four drinks and I'm using fuck like a comma.This will never get old

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In alcohol's defense @Carey Baldwin Salvador  re: twitter  lol

Quotes: In alcohol's defense I've done some pretty dumb shit while completely sober too!

Haha!  My husband would probably agree with this one!!

If you can't handle me at my worst. I don't blame you - that shit is ridiculous But_go away if you can't_pleas

Φωτογραφία του Frixos ToAtomo.

Φωτογραφία του Frixos ToAtomo.

You know you still wish...

Dear eyelashes, wishbones, dandelions, shooting stars, and birthday candles.