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HoechlinOBrienWebFunkshionFW_002.jpg (2560×1707)

Cobie Smulders looks lovely without all the retouching. And do I spy a spot of leftover brunette hair dye on her forehead? It happens to the best of us.

King Arthur and Queen Guinevere!! Finally!

91MG6slymYL.jpg (2560×1707)

A dream: to find a reason to bring cloaks back into fashion. (So we can all look as cool as Katie McGrath/ Morgana Pendragon)<--PLEASE?

Seth Bullock - Deadwood Photo--This guy is hot in this show.

Photo of Movie Still for fans of Dear John.

Seth Bullock is the sexiest effing thing I have ever seen. Period.

castle-seamus-dever-25112226-2560-1707.jpg (2560×1707)

Only Gwaine would help Merlin with the chores. He's wonderful that way...