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Summer Solstice Full Strawberry Moon Appear Together in Rare Appearance

KENTUCKY — It’s a full moon you and your family don’t want to miss seeing. Our Jason Lindsey tells us why Monday’s full strawberry moon is so special. KENTUCKY — It

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2016 Full Moon Calendar tree of life Mandala by SoulArteEclectica. Dates may vary slightly by time zone.

50 Amazing Facts About the Moon ...Idk about the fact that the moon was closer to the earth when it was created and now has moved away :/

50 Amazing Facts About the Moon [Infographic]

50 Amazing Facts About the Moon [Infographic] Infographic is one of the best Infographics created in the Science category. Check out 50 Amazing Facts About the Moon [Infographic] now!

Fabio Pettinati sent SPACE.com a photo he took of the August 2013 "blue moon" rising next to Lick Observatory, Mt. Hamilton, Calif. “Due to the nature of the terrain, there are a handful of spots along the road where one can see the observatory. Of these spots, only this one allowed me this view. I literally had a space of 30 feet to shoot from,” Pettinati wrote SPACE.com in an email.

August 2013 full Blue Moon rising above the Lick Observatory, Mt. Hamilton, CA

Jupiter with my four favorite moons <3

This "family portrait" is a composite of the Jovian system: the edge of Jupiter with its Great Red Spot + Jupiter's 4 largest moons, known as the Galilean satellites. The moons (top-to-bottom): Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto.

Bruselas, Bélgica - Yves Herman/Reuters

A statue is seen silhouetted against the moon in Brussels, Belgium September On Saturday, a perigee moon coincided with a full moon creating a 'supermoon' when it passed by the earth at its closest point, local media reported.

Mullard Radio Astronomy Observatory antenna

Mullard Radio Astronomy Observatory antenna part of the One-Mile Telescope Barton near Cambridge UK. Several different exposures blended to form this image, the Moon has been slightly increased in size for more prominance in the image

Lunar Eclipse Provides an Extra Twist for Skywatchers: Selenelion

Lunar Eclipse Provides an Extra Twist for Skywatchers: Selenelion

Here's everything you need to know about Wednesday's total lunar eclipse, plus some extra twists of astronomical weirdness.

8 Strawberry Moon Facts

8 Strawberry Moon Facts - Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database