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pictures of bluegill sunfish

Female bluegill

The identification of panfish

Spring Crappie & Bluegill Fishing - Awesome Weekend in MN! 4/24/16 - YouTube

Video shows an effective technique for locating and catching suspended pan fish (Blue Gill and Crappie) in "Lake E" in Central Missouri.

This video is a (not so) short instructional concerning panfishing. http://giftmetoday.com/index.php?c=5278&n=3410851&k=90009&t=Sub&s=sr&p=1

This video is a (not so) short instructional concerning panfishing. Panfishing is something we like to do (primarily for bluegill) in local creeks and other .

The bluegill is one of the most common panfish in KansasCommon in most farm ponds and smaller community and state fishing lakes, bluegill are most easily caught when they move into shallow water and begin dishing out spawning beds. The state record bluegill weighed 2 pounds, 5 ounces. The world record is 4 pounds, 12ounces.

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Sunnies, bluegills on poppers = more fun than one should have with a fly rod

Top 4 Bluegill Fishing Tips

Regardless of whether you have fond childhood memories of rod-and-reel fishing with Grandpa, you might still like to learn a few tips about catching bluegill -- aka sunfish, bream or perch.

Homemade Fishing Bait for Bluegills

Homemade Fishing Bait for Bluegills