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Ian Somerhalder

I will feed you and walk you! You can sleep in my bed Okay things just got weird LOL

1994 Damon in flannel

1994 Damon in flannel gosh he is flawless. He needs to be in bed NOW!

Ian Somerhalder and Katherine Moennig in one bed. Oh, come on.

Katherine Moening and Ian Somerhalder for Young Americans/ Ian always looks great in bed.

Ian Somerhalder - 23/01/14 - Getting work done from bed. Umm... What's odd about this work day??? Boy he loves his dad. http://instagram.com/p/jfX2YHqJ14/ - Twitter & Instagram Pictures

Got a gallery filled with endless photos of your pet? Taken an embarrassing selfie with your furry friend? Don’t worry, celebs do it too! We pick out our favourite celebrity pets from Ian Somerhalder’s cat to Miley Cyrus’ dog…

Ian Somerhalder To wake up next to him every day heavy sigh........

Here's A Naked Ian Somerhalder In A Bathtub

I would LOVE to wake up to this every morning. Although I wouldn't want to get out of bed ;

ian somerhalder

His thumb rubbed my cheek as I nodded to him,instantly Electricity crackled between our lips as they collided. My face was heating up as we continued until I felt real electricity.