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Tripp making a statement about his sleeping arrangements. I think Stewie Griffin did much the same with his stuffed toy at his therapist's!

This is hilarious... mostly because it's so true. Can anyone else relate? :) Photo courtesy of Baïka's Blog (Visit and Like Their Page!)

Wooden dog bed attached to main bed. If you have a dog that loves to sleep in your room here is the perfect co-sleeping arrangement.

Making Sleeping Arrangements: Creative Ideas for DIY Dog Beds - #2 A DIY pet bed made out of an old chair

Finally, a solution for folks who love taking their dogs on overnight camping trips but aren t quite sure how to handle the sleeping arrangements ...

It's no secret that our lovely pets prefer a little luxury in their sleeping arrangements, just like us. If you're cat or dog owner then you've probably noticed that your furry friend sometimes loves and adores to share your bed with you. So, why don't you surprise your four-legged kid by making some fabulous bed which will give your dog or cat a space of their own. Here is a list of Top 10 Easy DIY Pet Beds which you can make with materials and items you may already have on hand. Don't…

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