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During her whole life, our Saviour’s holy Mother was occupied in meditating on the virtues and the sufferings of her Son. When she heard the angels sing their hymn of joy at his birth and saw the.

Virgen de la Dulce Esperanza, Madre concedenos la dicha de experimentar la vida

How sweet mother Mary with baby Jesus in her tummy, I've never seen a pregnant mother Mary picture before I love it

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And Behold our Savior was Born in the Town of Bethlehem on Christmas Day. This is the reason we celebrate Christmas. The ONLY reason.

Sts-Step meaning of symbols devil-Trujillos characteristics. Captive bird- No freedom. Anacahuita tree- hope and strength.

“Whenever I behold the image of the Virgin Mary, Mother of God, I cry, 'O Immaculate Mother of God, pray to your Son and my God to have mercy on me'… for the prayers of Mary are of great weight in gaining the clemency of the Master.

No Céu, Maria impera aos anjos e aos bem-aventurados. Como recompensa da sua profunda humildade, deu-lhe Deus o poder e o encargo de encher de santos os tronos deixados vazios pela orgulhosa queda dos anjos apóstatas.

"The fire of Purgatory is, where shall be purged, what is not here purged.