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Tree branch lamp by Elin Riismark

I am a freelance designer that lives and work in Stockholm, Sweden.

Ania Rosinke & Maciej Chmara — Freunde von Freunden

Maciej Chmara and Ania Rosinke’s sophisticated design, that is so much more than a range of aesthetic services.

Assortment artist Pia Riverola

Eight years ago, Alberto Arango and Ramiro Guerrero knew nothing about flowers, except that they adored them.

Linda Derschang — Freunde von Freunden

Many evenings, somewhere down a winding road in Seattle’s tree-laden Interlaken Park, you’ll find Linda Derschang at home, reading.

Bathed in sunlight Shu Hung and Joseph Magliaro stand on the balcony of their Division Street apartment. Shu is the Global Director of Energy Marketin…

Scumeck Sabottka — Freunde von Freunden

For three decades the work of Scumeck Sabottka has revolved around the “concert experience,” as he says, to create the “perfect evening.

Lucía Vergara — Freunde von Freunden

In Barcelona, Lucía Vergara’s name is synonymous with her striking jewelry line, a refined aesthetic with a touch of the and, at least for the last three years, the late night tap of a ping-pong ball on a table.

Self created lamps by Lorenz Seidler — Founder of Art Platform eSel, Apartment & Studio, Margareten, Vienna

Lorenz Seidler

TOUCH esta imagen: "These lamps were created by my crafty father-in-law. by FvF

Living Pieces: BUCHHOLZBERLIN work storied wood into objects with character — Freunde von Freunden

The home of furniture and product designer Katja Buchholz and her husband Alex Meschkowski is both an urban oasis and experimental lab.

Olivia Hegarty

Lamp Design, Lamp Light, Furnitures, Interview, Motivational, Lamps, Lightbulbs, Light Fixtures, Lights

Ana Strumpf — Freunde von Freunden

Illustrator and designer Ana Strumpf’s imaginative fusion of styles and patterns — Freunde von Freunden

"We started showing these works last year in a different context at galleries like Monte Clarke and Dimore Gallery. By integrating these pieces here at Bocci 79 we're able to develop our own space and they serve to highlight another aspect of Omer’s creative practice,“ explains Johannes Schön, head of the brand's communications - Freunde von Freunden

Everything is Illuminated: A multidisciplinary FvF event featuring Bocci and König Galerie

knitted lamp created for the exhibition MADE at Home by Elsworthy Wang Projects

knitted lamp created for the exhibition MADE at Home by Elsworthy Wang Projects

Erol Eskici

Eating the same things over and over for weeks and never leaving the house without tobacco and papers: these are just some of Erol Eskici’s ecce…