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Miss world crown

The crown of Margaret of York sister of Edward IV and wife of Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy. Made in c. 1461

Assistant Curator at the Tower of London, Anna Keay, holds the century crown of Margaret of York. The crown left England in 1468 and is one of only two English Medieval crowns that survived the Civil War and is now kept in Aachen Cathedral in Germany

Arvfurstekronan, the 17th-century Crown of the Hereditary Princes of Sweden:

Arvfurstekronan, the Crown of the Hereditary Princes of Sweden:The Crown for the Hereditary Prince of Sweden displays a single silver wheat sheaf on the front. This is the symbol for the princes of Sweden

Dutch royal crown (made for Willem II 1840), scepter (Willem I 1815) and the appel (Willem II 1840)

Dutch royal crown and scepter and the appel

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Count Alexander von Beregshasy Crown - Bettie Girls Fashion Blog.

The Crystal Ice Queen Crown~♡~ Count Alexander von Beregshasy was a aesthete and jeweller who devoted his life to recreating the baubles worn by Europe's crowned princesses, which he sold from a twinkling petit palais in Camden Passage.