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Paradise Fibers Handy Scissors

Handy Scissors

These little scissors are compact and great for clipping loose ends. They look like mini sheep shears!

Learn the basics of spinning on a spinning wheel with Rachel & the Paradise Fibers Production Wheel. You'll learn a brief overview of scotch tension/single d...

Learn the basics of spinning on a spinning wheel with Rachel & the Paradise Fibers Production Wheel. You'll learn a brief overview of scotch tension/single .

The "Revolution" is here! The Revolution Spinning Wheel is a high end Production Spinning Wheel capable of everyday spinning and much more. Standard Wheel Includes: Paradise Fibers Spinning Wheel with

Revolution Spinning Wheel

The Revolution: Our Paradise Fibers Revolution Spinning Wheel is ideal for beginner and advanced spinners alike. We've designed the Revolution by combining the

Paradise Fibers Icelandic Wool Roving

Icelandic Wool Roving

On of the world's oldest and purest breeds of sheep. Throughout its 1100 years of history, the Icelandic breed has been truly triple-purpose, treasured for it's

Paradise Fibers 14.5 Micron Ultra Fine Merino Top

14.5 Micron Ultra Fine Merino Top

The softest, finest, merino top on the market. Feels just like cashmere. Blend this fiber with complimentary fibers like mulberry silk or or rose fiber, and eve

Paradise Fibers Special RicRac Yarn

Special RicRac Yarn

This RicRac yarn is a fun textured yarn with Rayon and Nylon. Each cone will have approx 1200 yards and of yarn making this a fabulous deal.

Paradise Fibers Herdwick Wool Roving

Herdwick Wool Roving

The Herdwick is a domesticated sheep native to the Lake District of Cumbria in North West England. Herdwick wool is undeniably durable, extremely hardy, and wa

Paradise Fibers Bleached Tussah Silk Noil

Bleached Tussah Silk Noil

This is GRADE A natural Tussah Silk that has been bleached for an ideal white color. In It's more natural state tussah silk has a light golden yellow hue to it.

Paradise Fibers Dyed Blue Faced Leicester Wool Roving

Solid Color Blue Faced Leicester Wool Top

Blue Faced Leicester wool is a fine wool at 26 Microns and an average length of These combed and dyed rovings are dense with a good luster and a long

Paradise Fibers Finn Wool Tops (4 oz bag)

Finn Wool Tops

Finn Sheep were originally imported to North America to use in cross-breeding programs and increase the lambing percentage of commercial flocks. A medium wool w

Paradise Fibers Viscose Bamboo Top

Viscose Bamboo Top

Viscose Bamboo has a very soft lustrous look and feel much like tencel and silk. At a fraction of the price you can enjoy a cellulose fiber that has similar pro

Paradise Fibers Dyed Tussah Silk Top Roving

Solid Color Tussah Silk Top

Tussah Silk is a wild silk. Made from wild tussah silk worms who eat juniper leaves and oak. As the Silk is produced in the wild and not in a controlled environ

Paradise Fibers Red Mohair Top ( 4 oz bag)

Red Mohair Top ( 4 oz bag)

Our limited supply of Dyed Red Young Adult Mohair is beautifully colored and perfectly suited to be used as a blending fiber or spun as is. The rich red colors

Paradise Fibers Space Dyed Wool

Space Dyed Wool

Our Space Dyed range is dyed on wool. Space dyeing is a technique used to give wool a unique, multi-colored effect. Space dyed Wool is two or more diff

Paradise Fibers Wool Nepps

Wool Nepps

The general definition of nepps 'hopelessly entangled masses of fibers'. Nepps appear naturally in some spun yarns and is more common in certain types of fibers