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Pen doodle by Anna-beth21 on @DeviantArt

I got bored in class again. I can't believe I drew this with only a ball point pen!

Over Winter by gabbyd70 Drew this with copic grey sketch markers (C0, C1, C2, C3), mechanical pencils, & white gel pen.  http://gabbyd70.deviantart.com/art/Over-Winter-199971782

Another sketch drawing I always like drawing these. I've been busy with my art for school, so I only have time for little drawings right now. Over Winter

i love drawing girls -_-;; so here's some sketches i've done... some have been reposted !!

i'm really sorry this took so long VioletCascade @ o i had to tweak a lot of things-- but i hope you like it ! i'm going to post another commission today. my pen needs to charge though.