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Funny pictures about Close up of a pollen covered bee. Oh, and cool pics about Close up of a pollen covered bee. Also, Close up of a pollen covered bee.

An Extraordinary Glimpse into the First 21 Days of a Bee’s Life in 60 Seconds

An Extraordinary Glimpse into the First 21 Days of a Bee’s Life in 60 Seconds (Colossal)

For a Biologist-Turned-Photographer, a Beehive Becomes a Living Lab

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A photo of a natural beehive that was the inspiration for the sculptural shapes of the structure of Shirley Watts' design for 'A Garden of Mouthings'

eye of honey bee #beautiful

honeybee's eye at by Ralph Grimm: 20 BioScapes Contest Photos--Life Viewed through the Microscope - Scientific American

25,000 Dead Bees in Target Store Parking Lot: The blooming linden trees in the Target parking lot had been sprayed with Safari, a pesticide produced by Valent Professional Products, to protect the plants from aphid attack. However, the active ingredient in Safari was the chemical dinotefuran, an insect-killing poison chemically similar to nicotine. These nicotine-like pesticides, known as neonicotinoids kill bees, along with a wide range of other insects.  - Discovery News

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Tell Bayer to stop killing bees Bayer, the global chemical company, is manufacturing a chemical that new evidence shows is killing off bees. of our crops -- and of wild plants -- rely on bees to thrive. WE rely on bees to survive.

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Flora, Goddess of Flowers and Spring: How to Attract Ladybugs to Your Yard. Lady bugs are good luck.

Bee pollen transport

Flight is both a gift and a curse for the honey bee--during the summer, foraging bee's wings will wear out in a matter of weeks and the bee will die. One of the bees in this picture is laden will pollen, which will provide protein to the hive.

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Here's our Mellow yellow photo gallery including pictures of luscious decor, fashion shoes, accessories and nature.


Our good and lucky bugs, the ones we learned to treat like gems and recite poetry to. "Ladybug, ladybug, fly away gone." Did a ladybug ever land on you?