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All prisoners should be allowed to wear their own clothes because transgender inmates can, inspectors say

Transgender sex offenders get special clothing exceptions. In the 840-capacity prison there is a total of 12 now living as women in the all-male prison. They are allowed to order female clothing - including dresses, skirts, blouses, knickers and bras - from various catalogues and are permitted to wear make-up, including mascara, lipstick and foundation. They can spend up to £25-a-week on cosmetics and clothes, whereas non-transgender prisoners don't have access to the same benefits.

Teen requests for cosmetic surgery on the rise. "Transgender" surgeries increasing especially. Increased pornography use and the rising dominance of individualism, consumerism, celebrity culture and selfie culture have influenced the trend.

The New Girl in School: Transgender Surgery at 18

Transgender surgery at 18 for "lesbian" male. "Dr. McGinn said it was not unusual for patients to become depressed after surgery and compared this to postpartum depression." This is offensive and a poor comparison. Pregnancy and childbirth trigger unique hormone fluctuations that may cause postpartum depression. Depression after irreversible cosmetic surgery is different.

Carol Rossetti | I love this, actually, because it is a COSMETIC. SURGERY. It's not a life saving thing, it's purely aesthetic, so let the child make the choice later.

MOONSTONE is king. Get this fabulous grey-mauve matte by itself or in a Moonstone/Bloodmoon bundle: Lip art via @theminaficent.