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Hello Kitty Strawberry Chocolate Balls .84 oz

Cute and tasty Hello Kitty Candy, Pocky, crackers, and other Sanrio treats.

♥ Get a FREE GIFT with every order! Read the FAQs for more info ^.^  ♥ Meiji  ♥ 2 oz.  ♥ Crunchy biscuit sticks with creamy chocolate and strawberry frosting for dipping. :)  ♥ Ingredients Wheat flour, Partially, hydrogenated, canola & palm oils, sugar, whole milk powder, skim milk powde...

Love both chocolate and strawberry Yan Yan? Meiji Yan Yan Double Dip comes with both the strawberry and chocolate cream so you can have both to dip your biscuits in.

Hello Kitty Cupcake Treats. Shop online or in-store! www.getreadyretro.com

This fun and sweet Hello Kitty Sprinkle Cupcake Treat is great on the go! Take it with you everywhere and share this delicious creamy white chocolate treat

Morinaga Hi-Chew Apple 1.9 oz

Morinaga Hi-Chew Green Apple is a super chewy candy with a similar texture to taffy or bubblegum, but it never loses its flavor. You get the same great taste in every chew until it melts in your mouth!

Hello Kitty Lips Candy Strawberry 2.0 oz

This sweet Hello Kitty bite-size strawberry drop is very delicious and you will not stop after just have a few.

Panda cookies - for #kungfupanda party (seen at Target for $1/box).

Hello Panda cookies---another amazing Japanese product. The cookies are bite size with really creamy chocolate inside.

Buy Meiji Hello Panda Creamy Milk Filling (57.5g) - from £1.59 - UK Delivery - American Soda

Buy Meiji Hello Panda Creamy Milk Filling - from - UK Delivery - American Soda