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I found this cheap Chinese imitation Grandfather clock being dumped at the skips where I work. So I salvaged it and when I got it home and inspected.


Victorian houses, steampunk home design, modern victorian home restoration and renovation by ModVic LLC of Sharon, Massachusetts.

Hand-soldered clock. Same circuitry as what would normally be in the IC of a pocket watch, but then built with normal components: 1161 Diodes 340 Transistors 346 Resistors 60 Red LEDs 6 Magnetic switches 3 Dual digit displays

Dead bug prototyping and freeform electronics are a way of building working electronic circuits, by soldering the parts directly together, or through wires instead.

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Putting together a special, purpose-built altar is a great way to connect with an individual face of the Divine. You can make an altar for your patron God or

Wing Over

Wing Over

grandfather, and grandmother? clocks

This is in The Kansallismuseo, or the National Museum of Finland. The figural shape is unique, but not the main reason this is classified as a "grandmother" clock.