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Trisha Porter on Twitter: "Great night! Thanx #SPNFamily"

Trisha Porter on

Trisha Porter on Twitter: "Great night! Thanx #SPNFamily"

I don't even know what's going on here**

“The cast of supernatural rocked the house at this weekend. You all were truly amazing.

Myślałam, że zobaczyłam dwóch Jensenow XD

Big Dean, little Dean SO PERFECT. It's like they got a time machine and found jensen when he a teen. I think somebody should make a picture of all the ages of the boys.

2016!Jensen: I wrote this song with Misha and the next episode I direct will have singing in it,

Ok but I just really love that he's gotten comfortable enough with the fandom to sing like this because wow his voice is wonderful:)

Thanks, and for the tour of the yummy beer! Can't wait for y'all to open.

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MonicaD @mfluder_42   .@dicksp8jr and his awesome hosting of SPN Cons #SPNFaveThings

Stick a fork in me, I am done. Are you fucking kidding me loot at his goddamn bicep jesus tapdancing christ.

#Supernatural Misha Collins(Castiel)

Misha Collins ‏ hours ago Phoenix, AZ Everyone on this flight is having such a great time! It's a real party!