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Funny tumblr post  My friend literally only has one obsession and it's hard to get her gifts cause I can't keep giving her the same thing.

But my obsessions are all small and dumb and how do you get stuff for it… oh right, I have an awesome friend who I have tons of inside jokes with who also happens to be super talented but I feel bad because I can never do the same for her…

I have 8 siblings, and I'm best friends with all of them! I would GENTLY slap my sister.

I have 8 siblings, and I'm best friends with all of them!

I wish everyone knew this, this is why I never show people my art. I'm proud of it, and if all you're going to do is scoff and say I'm bragging, then I don't want to show it to you do I?

I honestly HATE showing my accomplishments, art and writing to anyone so if I show it to you, that's saying something.>>>> yeah some people dont understand why you show your art.

Regenerate https://www.wattpad.com/251707093-regenerate-part-three-marvel-introduction

I dream of feeling better. Feeling at home, feeling secure, but I just end up feeling smaller, less alive, more prone to hurt.

Owlturd Comics Okay but seriously, how the heck do I keep turning my alarm off without waking up!!! I get so mad about this problem with me! T^T and the worst part is that idk how to solve this problem!

Owlturd Comics

Owl Turd Comix by college senior Shenanigansen are funny and absurd. The Massachusetts-based artist began to post comics in his sophomore year, and picked the