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Look at his 'smile'- he looks like a child being forced to do it! Pssst-- he's conning them too

Kid Rock Ted Nugent and Sarah Palin Visit The White House -- And Troll Hillary Clinton

Repugnant-cants too

More Trump scandals and mishaps in the last few weeks than Obama's 8 yrs as President. Most impressive. The Galactic Empire under Darth Vader would be extremely interested in Trump.

Repugnant-cants too

Minnesota raises taxes on the rich, to fund education, passes equal pay law, and raises the minimum wage…

Clearly, being able to SPEAK & THINK is not an ASSet Donald looks for in women.

The Trumps would make the best republican first family, corrupt and dishonest to the core. Like Michelle and hillary are amazing role models for young girls. Melenia trump: trophy wife and bikini model. Not to mention she retarded

GOP doesn't care about the deficit. They care about exploiting the deficit to further their agenda of dismantling the social safety nets that benefit so many working Americans.

(W) Like and share - Forbes Magazine : Who Is The Smallest Government Spender Since Eisenhower? Would You Believe It's Barack Obama?