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Bell in Il Capo Market behind the Cathedral #Palermo.

Il Capo Comes Alive

Bell in Il Capo Market behind the Cathedral

Il Teatro Massimo, Palermo. After centuries of foreign occupation, Sicily enthusiastically joined the Kingdom of Italy in 1860. Finally free of the hated Bourbons, Palermo celebrated its allegiance to the new King Vittorio Emanuele by ordering a theater built in his honor. After thirty years of construction, the Teatro Massimo  opened to great fanfare in 1897. It’s the largest opera house in Italy, and the third largest in all Europe.

The Teatro Massimo

Teatro Massimo built in honour of King Vittorio Emanuele and opened in The largest opera house in Italy and third largest in Europe.

Even the horses wear bright hats!  #Palermo

First Impressions of Palermo

San cataldo  belongs to the Eparchy of Piana degli Albanesi of the Italo-Albanian Catholic Church, a diocese who officiate the liturgy according to the Byzantine Rite in the ancient Greek language.  The church is renowned for its spectacular interior, which is dominated by a series of 12th century mosaics executed by Byzantine craftsmen. by Manuela Z

Palermo Guide - Italy

Palermo Guide - Italy, tips and suggestions for your next Italian holiday!

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The Sanctuary of Saint Rosalia on Monte Pellegrino, Palermo

Small cupolas along the Cathedral walls, Palermo Italy

Palermo's Cathedral

Small cupolas along the Cathedral walls, Palermo Italy

Golden Moped  #Palermo

Palermo Mysteries

Palermo Mysteries - Palermo For 91 Days

Palermo, Italy PALERMO

Palermo, Italy PALERMO

Statue | in #Palermo #Sicily @ James

Statue | in #Palermo #Sicily @ James