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Furnace HF-6

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[CE3] Sci-Fi Server Room - Polycount Forum

The Sci-Fi Server Room is an environment based on a piece of concept art by Razor B. The environment was created over the course of a few months and its rendered in CryEngine

Deus Ex Human Revolution Concept Art - Album on Imgur

Deus Ex Human Revolution Concept Art

Post with 4314 views. Shared by CyrusofAnshan. Deus Ex Human Revolution Concept Art


Another environment concept for the same failed game as the server room concept ;( it is some sort of tram station (very dead space inspired)

What Are You Working On? 2014 Edition - Page 57 - Polycount Forum

Deus Ex: HR - DLC Corridor A Sci-Fi environment based on the concept of Eric 'Gryphart' Gagnon for the 'Deus Ex: HR' DLC 'The Missing Link'. Here is the original concept art:.